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With Love,


Hello! My name is Sarah and I am the sole owner & operator of Snow Drop Studio. 

A little about me: I have a bachelors degree in Media Arts & Animation, I am a cat mom, and my favorite color is lilac! (Could you tell?)

How did Snow Drop Studio come to be? Well, after completing my bachelors degree, not pursuing an artistic career, and a slough of medical nonsense; I had fallen off of my creative path. During the pandemic my regular job as a receptionist was put on hold. I had night and day to do nothing but create art (and play animal crossing but we won't focus on that...) Because of this time of reflection and healing, I was able to create Snow Drop Studio. It is my passion project to be able to share what brings me peace, joy & happiness with others. Even if it's small, I hope you or a loved one can enjoy the art I create.